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i've got something to say

I've got something to say is a memoir of a teenager transitioning from a small town in the "red hills of Alabama" to the cultural shock of a young adulthood in inner city Chicago.

This book is journey of forgiveness and redemption.

"I've Got Something to Say is a heartfelt and transparent account of the life of Dondretta Strong. Strong is an apt name for this woman who shares a full and transparent view of her life's journey. From the growing pains of youth to the blossoming of godly wisdom and grace, Strong takes the reader on a journey that reaches soaring heights and navigates the deepest, darkest lows. All the while, the hand of God is clearly at work throughout, weaving the beautiful tapestry of Strong's life with others along her journey. I've Got Something to Say is a great look at what God can do with a life that is surrendered to Him."

Eboné Bell, Chicago-based writer and editor

This coming-of-age story of a young Alabama girl's migration to Chicago is everybody's story! Every person can identify with the pressures associated with navigating friendships, peer pressure, familial relationships and being misunderstood. Dondretta Strong’s story invokes the nostalgia of growing-up in an ironic world where no one "fits;" yet, everyone belongs. Whether by poor personal choices or circumstances beyond our control, people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to Dondretta Strong’s need for identity and community.

SyLinda Musaindapo, M.S. Ed, ABD

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